About Us

The Mt Evelyn and Yarra Valley Arts Society is a not for profit organisation catering for people involved in art and crafts throughout the Valley.

Membership is open to artists and craftspeople of all skill levels. Beginners are particularly welcome.


The Society provides an organisation to assist artists and craftspeople in the Yarra Valley:

  • in relations with outside people and organisations
  • through regular meetings to further aims, discuss problems and other issues
  • develop skills by having:
    • regular displays of work for criticism
    • demonstrations by visiting artists and craftspeople
    • field days for painting together outdoors
    • excursions to galleries
    • a library of relevant art and craft books
  • to keep up to date with the latest art and craft techniques
  • with information on marketing and legal matters
  • by organising art and craft shows

The Society also aims to encourage the public to better appreciate the arts.